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Because you might be able to remember what it looked like, but those emotions you are going to feel on your wedding day (or that specific stage of life you're in) are like none other and they are 10000% worth remembering. When you look at your photos, my goal is for you to be brought back into that moment in time and be able to feel it all over again and again.
I capture true, honest, deep, real emotions from a pretty dang important day in your life. 

I'm based in sweet Lincoln, Nebraska and I've got a soft spot for the Midwest, but I'm always up for an adventure, especially if it means I get to spend more time with you. 

I believe photos should make you remember what those moments felt like. 


lincoln, nebraska + travel photographer

NEBRASKA BASED storyteller but ready to pack my bags

I'm Mackenzie

But don't just take my word for it...

these sweet sweet couples send the best texts and I love them for it 

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“I loved having Mackenzie as our photographer because she’s so good at allowing the couple to be in the space. It doesn’t feel so much as someone taking pictures of you, but more like an experience that you get to have with your person. Looking back on those pictures helps me to fully remember my special day, because Lord knows otherwise I wouldn’t remember it. The pictures are so in the moment that I feel like I’m back in that day. And we got SO MANY pictures out of the experience. Thank you so much! We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else at the wedding to take pictures.”

"We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else at the wedding to take pictures."

-Caleb and Sarah

“Mackenzie was super sneaky, and captured when my now husband popped the question to me. She captured the shock, the laughter, the tears, and all of the wonderful emotions in between. Afterwords, we walked downtown for the rest of our photo shoot, with all of the lovey-dovey emotions flowing strong. I would have Mackenzie at every major life event if it were possible. She captures memories with a sort of vibrancy that allows him to live on forever without ever diminishing

"I would have Mackenzie at every major life event if it were possible."

-Spencer and Victoria

"Mackenzie made our photo experience a memorable one. We were so lucky to have found a brilliant photographer who cares so much about our happiness and portraying it within her photography. She gave great direction, made us feel comfortable and kept us laughing the entire time. We left the engagement session feeling high on life and full of love. Would recommend her to anyone time and time again!"

"We left the engagement session feeling high on life and full of love."

-Felipe and Mackenize

"You did an incredible job and we would hire you again and again, you killed the mood and took beautiful photos with changing weather and lighting conditions and we loved ya! You were so flexible and chill and didn't make us feel bad for making last minute changes and not knowing what we were doing"

"we would hire HER again and again."

-Carissa and Cameron

"Mackenzie was incredible in helping us plan the day! I didn’t have a wedding planner, so all of the timeline and flow of the day was all me. But Mackenzie was so helpful in thinking about logistics and getting details I would have absolutely forgotten. And then the day she helped give time reminders and make sure everyone was where they needed to be, it was so amazing!!! Absolutely, beyond my expectations! She captured the energy and the love of the day with such style and class! The photos also felt real, not posed or manufactured. There was this beautiful authenticity that shines in each one and she captured special moments I wouldn’t have thought of! She listened to us and captured special unscripted moments. Please book Mackenzie for all your photo shoots and events! She brings a love of the craft and makes you feel special, as well as comfortable in the space and with her. Couldn’t have imagined having anyone else capture our day."

"Absolutely, beyond my expectations!"

-Casey and Alexey



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